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The Hairy Hound will spend time with you trying to understand exactly what you expect from your pets visit. We understand that sometimes it will take more than one session to reach your desired style for your pet. We are happy to work alongside you to build a regular grooming routine that suits both you and your pets lifestyle.
Here at The Hairy Hound, we want every dog to visit us to look and smell fabulous when he or she leaves, but we will always prioritise your dogs health and happiness, with that in mind we will :SALON HYGIENE - Salon, hygiene and clean equipment is important to us, we sterilise all equipment with a UV steriliser before and after use.
YOUR PETS HEALTH & WELFARE- You must be confident and confirm that your dog is fit and healthy to be groomed and up-to-date with vaccinations. Grooming of dogs with underlying health problems is entirely at owners risk. All health problems and medications must be voiced before grooming. 
MATTING POLICY- We never attempt to de-tangle a severely matted dog, where to do, so would cause your pet any pain and distress (we will happily clip out tangled fur) This is for your dogs welfare. If your dog is regularly groomed and maintained at home in between appointments, this should hopefully never occur.  We do not accept liability for any other effects following the treatment of a matted dog. This can include irritation, redness or nics. Your written permission will be required to shave off a matted coat. If you request the mats to be combed out, the groomer will not do this if this causes the dog, stress or discomfort. ** Matting charge, if your dogs coat is matted and requires clipping before bathing, you will be required to pay  matting fee of £8**

FLEAS/TICKS-If your pet is found to have fleas, we can use our flea repellent shampoo when bathing if no other pets are in the salon or due in after your dog has visited.However, we have the right to reschedule or decline until your pet flea infection is treated, this is due to other customers pets welfare, as well as our own pets. ** If your pet has live parasites we have a flea charge of £10 for cleaning the salon and equipment. We are happy to remove ticks at £5 +£2 Per additional tick as walk-in service. If your dog is found to have a tick during a full groom, we are happy to remove that as a service free of charge. Any ticks found will be fed back to yourself, we strongly suggest you have your pets tested for Lyme disease or other tickborne illnesses, and seek veterinary advice once parasite is removed. 
EAR PLUCKING- removing the hair from sunbeds is necessary and advised by Vetinary professional, although this can irritate the delicate skin of the ear canals and cause irritation. Plucking the hair from a dogs, ear canal, leaves, multiple openings where bacteria can settle more easily. We will only pluck is if requested and signed for by a client prior appointmen.will only pluck is if requested and signed for by a client prior appointment. Plucking is charged at additional £5 per dog. 
ANAL GLANDS- THE HAIRY HOUND does not perform anal gland expression as part of any service offering. It is our philosophy that this process should only be performed by a license veterinary professional and only when medically necessary. 

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